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technology github ecs github-actions by Simon Mayes (@msyea)

GitHub Actions are awesome right? They’re not perfect - but what tool is? Some 3rd party CICD tools are probably better but they would have to be significantly better to get over the native/3rd party barrier. After thoroughly reviewing features and competitors I don’t think any 3rd party is signifantly better and the native integration is first class. For better functionality you would have to migrate completely (inc. VCS) to a different platform (eg. GitLab).

technology circleci vetcraft github composer npm bower gulp laravel by Simon Mayes (@msyea)

I’ve just deployed CircleCI for a VetCraft , a client of mine. Continuous Integration and Delivery is always impresses me. It follows our GitHub repository and when we commit to the development branch, it checks out the code, downloads our dependencies (Composer , NPM and Bower ), runs our build script (Gulp for Laravel ) and runs our tests (PHPUnit ). If all is successful it gzips the results and scps it to our development server, brings the server down, runs database migrations, a few more tests and then brings the server back up.