Available for Work

technology javascript by Simon Mayes (@msyea)

I am available for contracting full-time from 3rd April. I am also available from the 6th-17th March.

I am looking for javascript opportunities. I am a full-stack developer currently focussing on node.js/Express based backend apps and React based frontend apps.

I have been working professionally as a software engineer for over 10 years (since 2006). Over the years I have worked with 100s of different technologies, languages and platforms and am a generalist with specialism in javascript. I have a wide knowledge of all things web and some things not. I am a massive geek but skilled at understanding business requirements and communicating with non-technical folk.

See my Stack Overflow CV. Contact me on myfirstname@msyea.co.uk (hint. my first name is Simon).

Random accomplishments/projects that aren’t a dump of keywords:

  • The first decent web app I wrote in 2004 was a theatre booking app that had a flash frontend, which allowed users to select their seat from available seats on an auditorium floorplan. The backend was PHP+MySQL.
  • Building robots using with arduino and raspberry pi when they first came to market. Building a controller node.js server and webapp to control them. Studying computer vision.
  • Taking a half-baked implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol and building a node.js app that could pretend to be a printer.
  • Taking a half-baked implementation of the WebDAV protocol and doing creative things with it - node.js.
  • Experimenting with 2-way SMS as an interface with Google Apps - node.js.
  • Streaming data from satellite transmitters and turning them into Strava tracks - node.js.
  • Building an offline HTML5 mobile app very early on after being blown away by the FT App.